Jeff: Freedom and Joy

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Jeff Kersting had his first sip of alcohol at just six years old. As a middle schooler, drugs came into the picture. By the time high school came around, Jeff’s life was colored by addiction.Jeff Kersting clowned around to spread joy to people at the Rockin’ Round the Block Family

As the years went by, his drinking and drug use became an every day routine. Depression set in and left him with little hope for the future.

“I was filled with pain, anger, frustration and discontentment,” Jeff said. “No matter how much I drank or how much money I spent on material things, I was always left with the same empty feeling in my soul.”

Things took a turn for the worse when his wife asked for a divorce. His marriage, children, house and material things for which he had worked fell apart before his eyes.

Feeling alone and hopeless, Jeff got on his knees in a cold, dark room with his hands lifted toward the sky. He said he called out to God and asked to be saved, to be forgiven, and for God to make His home in his heart.

God answered that prayer, and eventually led him to East Hill. While at East Hill, Jeff prayed for healing and for God to take away his addiction. Rather than give Jeff a quick fix, God had in mind for Jeff to heal in the context of community.

One day, one of Jeff’s friends recommended to him Freedom Now, a support group East Hill offers to help people who are struggling with addictions.

“One evening I drove down to the church and walked in through the doors,” he said, “and God met me in a big way.”

Once he joined Freedom Now, Jeff began experiencing an amazing transformation. The negative thoughts he had towards himself and others began to fade, and God revealed the lies of the enemy.

“I learned that God has a plan for my life,” said Jeff. “He made it known that He loves me and cares about every detail of my life.”

After attending East Hill and getting help from the people of Freedom Now, Jeff has seen his addiction to drugs and alcohol broken. It no longer causes him frustration, anger and discontentment. He says he has finally found joy and peace in his soul, and has hope for his future.

“It’s never too late for anyone; you just have to make the first move, take the first step and God will meet you wherever you are,” he said. “With God, all things are possible.”


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  1. Jim Gianotti says:

    May I join your class this Tuesday. I was in church today and fell to the Lord and I need help. I’m a new member and feel at home. I was led back to Jesus through my daughter who use to be a youth minister there. Perhaps you know here. Shontina Gianotti (now Coers).

    I need some help as my wife left me yesterday. She wants me to get help.

    Thanks You

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