“Karen”: Healing through Grief

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Confidentiality is crucial in Stephen Ministry. Therefore, our subject’s name has been changed.

Karen’s sister took the death of their mother especially hard, since she was her primary caregiver. It was difficult enough losing a loved one, but Karen’s sister also seemed to lose her purpose and identity.

Although grieving herself, Karen helped her sister through that tough time, and that birthed in her a desire to help others going through similar experiences by becoming a Stephen Minister.

The kind of care emotional and spiritual support Karen naturally gave her sister was enhanced with the specialized training Stephen Ministers receive.

“Without those experiences, how would I be able to share and come alongside another [person] suffering the same experience, and let them know they are loved so much by God?” Karen asked.

While ministering, she said she has learned to be a better listener, and to speak the truth in love more profoundly. She said she also has learned to provide the kind of support she needed when she was facing desperate times.

“That is what it means to be a Stephen Minister — a conduit where the Lord’s refreshing water can pour into lives of those needing to be refreshed, renewed and rehydrated in God, who is in their life, even in the dark times.”

She wants to see the same kind of healing and restoration in others that she saw as she helped her sister.

“There could be nothing better than knowing God has a plan for you,” Karen said, “that you are valued no matter what.”

If you’re interested in becoming a Stephen Minister, or if you would like to talk to one during your hard times, please call Carl Foster at ext. 364 or e-mail carlf@easthill.org.

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