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Freedom Now is a support group for adults who are addicted to street drugs, prescriptions, alcohol and any other destructive habits and behaviors. Our meetings are open to both the addicted and concerned family/friends who want to learn how to be supportive of your desire to change. You are welcome to join us at anytime.

It isn’t that bad… and yet…you find yourself here on this page because there is something deep down inside of you that keeps quietly whispering ‘something isn’t right, this isn’t good’, and you are wondering if maybe, just maybe, there is a chance you do have a problem?
Sometimes we believe that things have to be really bad to prove there is truly a problem. But what would happen if instead of waiting until things get to a desperate crisis, you took a chance to honestly find out? and maybe by doing so, maybe the damage you were otherwise headed for can be averted?
Or, maybe you are at a place of crisis and desperation and you clearly know that you have a problem. Maybe this is a new crisis for you? Maybe this one in a long line of crisis’ and you are so weary and tired and this is your ‘last straw’, last attempt at trying to change or to get help to change?

In either case, you are not alone.
No matter what we try to tell ourselves or what we may portray, truth is, we are all just big imperfect messes. Not one of us is better than the other. Some of us just cope in ways that aren’t so ‘obviously’ destructive but they are just as bad.
It is not lost on us that most people do not believe a Church to be a true ‘SAFE’ place to go to with your less-than-perfect messed up lives to get help. And rightfully so. There have been many unhealthy churches and Christians who have been arrogantly quick to judge people when they were already so down and desperate.
News Flash: We don’t need anyone to tell us how weak we are, we already are acutely aware! What we do need is Compassion, Friendship, Relationship!!!

Well, we hear you. We’ve been there yelling that silent scream ourselves!
And that’s what you’ll find here: A group of ‘X’ everythings, who have had a moment of doubt or have waited until a crisis hits, and then in desperation, in brokenness, searched out a better way and have found it. This is our time to ‘pay it forward’ to you.
It is out of our own brokenness and our healing that we offer now to walk along side you as you face the things that may play a part in your addictions.
This is not just about changing behavior. We understand that. This is much deeper. And to face that, you need friendships. This is about relationships.
It is in relationships that most of us have been wounded, and it is through relationships that those wounds can be healed.

There is Hope! There is Healing! There is Freedom!!

If you want more information, please contact us.
Call Cindy Smallwood at 503.661.4444 ext 387 or email her at