Does your anger get the best of you sometimes?
Ok, maybe not just sometimes, maybe more like 'too often'?
Do you feel out of control but don't know how to change?

Discover tools that will help you healthily handle anger in our Men's Anger.


• "My husband has done a 360 since attending the Men’s Anger class. Before he was rough and had some sharp edges, now he is much calmer about how he handles situations."
• "I was embarrassed to admit that I needed an anger class. I didn’t want others to judge me. I would even hide my book cover so no one could see it. It concerned me that I was responding to my kids with such strong emotions over little things. I didn’t realize what anger is…all the different aspects of how it can be influenced by pride, fear and loneliness. Most people only think they need an anger class if they are raging or in trouble. I believe that everyone can benefit from this information and tools."

Men’s Anger

Please call Eric Waller at 503-661-4444, ext 309 for dates, times, location.

What you can expect

A) Small group discussion of the previous week’s homework and an honest appraisal of week regarding managing anger, B) Group interaction and teaching with a qualified instructor, C) Small group discussion of the current information learned during the group interaction and teaching.

Other Important Information

A signed Acknowledgement of Understanding is required.
This program is NOT STATE CERTIFIED.