Paul Duris

Julie Duris

Name: Paul Duris
Position: Pastor and Director for Kid's Zone and Kid City
My Favorite Things: Getting up early to walk, run, sweata, and pray, coffee in the morning, kayaking down the Sandy, ping pong, working in my backyard, Dave's Killer Bread, strawberry shortcake, and backyard barbeques.
Interesting Facts: I was born in Centralia, Washington. I married my first and only girlfriend.
My Family: My wife, Julie and I have two daughters: Emily and Lydia.
Name: Julie Ann Duris
Position: Kid City Publication Director
My Favorite Things: Hanging out with my family, creating illustrations in Adobe Illustrator, hikes in the Gorge, picking berries in my backyard, and strawberry shortcake.
Interesting Facts: Actor Humphrey Bogart and poet Emily Dickinson are part of my family tree. I graduate with a Masters certificate in Graphic Design and Illustration from Sessions School of Professional Design in 2007.
My Family: I have a loveable, gracious husband who is my best friend named Paul, two beauitful (inside and out) daughters named Lydia and Emily, and two awesome son-in-laws named Josh and Alex.


Craig Walker

Name: Geri Ponce-Rickards
Position: Worship Director, Curricululm Writer, Administrative Assistant, and whatever else needs to be done.
My Favorite Things: I obviously love to sing and dance. Singing and dancing to me is like breathing and eating - I can't live without them. I also enjoy spending time with my family. We are known as the overly affectionate family. We have so much fun together; we're always singing, dancing, and laughing.
Interesting Facts: Even though I was born in Hawaii, I am not Hawaiian. I'm Fillipino, Spanish, and Chinese. I can speak enough Fillipino to get by; I'm learning how to speak Spanish and I can only say Hello, Thank You, and Happy New Year in Chinese (Ni hao; xie xle; kung hei fat choi).
My Family: I'm married to Scott, aka the Check-In guy. He's been volunteering at Kid City as long as I've been employed here (since 2002). He's a teacher at the Reynolds Learning Academy and Mount Hood Community College. We have three grown children - Jordan, an Apple specialist who works at the IT department at Reed College; Kyra, an aspiring English professor who attends Linddfield College; And Sierra, the fashionista/animal advocate/musical theatre actress/hoping to be a recreational therapist, who attends Mount Hood Community College. We have two black cats - Titania Marie Sinclaire and Mitsee Mama.
Name: Craig Walker
Position: Assistant Children's Pastor
My Favorite Things: Anything in the outdoors like hiking, fishing, and exploring remote areas, kayaking, watching a movie with my wife, a good cup of coffee, pastry, and my Bible.
Interesting Facts: I broke my back once and Jesus healed me in two weeks. I know how to do hundreds of magic tricks.
My Family: My lifelong friend and wife, Debby, my awesome son, Aaron, my mother-in-law, Marge, my sister in Gresham, Kathy, and my brother in Lake Steves, Brent, My father, Wes, resides in Glendale, Arizona.