First time at Kid City?

If you're new to Kid City, welcome! Here's what to expect when you're bringing your child to us. Our building is located at 695 N. Main Avenue, next door to the Main Auditorium.

Kid City Check-In

You may be wondering where to go when you arrive at Kid City. As you enter Kid City you will find four check-in stations and a team of people ready to help you get to the right place. Our team volunteers will greet you, guide you through the check-in process, and personally escort you to where your child will begin their Kid City experience.

Kid city - Security

Kid City Registration

If you decide to become a regular attendee, we highly recommend that you register your child. Just ask for a registration form and complete it during the service. After you turn in this form we'll mail you a Kid City security/scan card that you'll use next time you come.