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Kid City - Performance trio +1

Here at Kid City these are three basic truths we want every child to grow up and say...
1. I need to make the Wise Choice!
2. I can trust God no matter what!
3. I should treat others the way I want to be treated!

These three truths become the basics for how we teach the Bible. During the three-year curriculum, we will unpack 150 Bible stories and 36 Core Virtues. Each month we focus on one core virtue. For more information click here.

Family Production

We want to partner with parents and help your child embrace a growing relationship with Jesus Christ. And that’s why we make Kid City a fun environment for the whole family. On the first weekend of the month, parents and kids learn together at a special event called the Kid City Family Production. At this event we launch our monthly virtue so everyone in the family is on the same page.