Graphic Designer - 15 hours per week

Primary Purpose: Create and produce exceptional work that sets the tone and voice for EHCF by crafting the majority of graphics for multi-media communications. The Graphic Artist will work with the Communications Director to develop series images, web graphics, and signage needs. The position involves producing regular, routine products, such as announcement slides, the monthly EH Life, and sometimes assisting with the weekly message handout, etc. This role is a support to the Communications Director, as it carries out the detail work on many of the projects developed by the Director.

Key Responsibilities include:

  • Support the graphic design needs of the church
  • Print communication (assist in designing series images, monthly newsletter, slides, brochures, bathroom flyers)
  • Graphics needs of the Web (assist with website layout, create eBanners, etc.)
  • Physical communication (signage, banners, etc)
  • Interface with Ministries
  • Volunteer management/development

Skills & Knowledge:

  • Know the vision, mission and values of EHC and have the ability to clearly communicate them visually.
  • Ability to recruit, mentor, and maintain an excellent working relationship with volunteers who support the goals and aims of the department.
  • Proficient in Adobe Creative Suite Applications.

Typical Schedule: Monday (5 hours), Tuesday (5 hours), Wednesday (5 hours)

Key Relationships: Communications Director, East Hill ministry representatives, volunteers, outside vendors

To apply for this job, email your resume and cover letter explaining why you would be an excellent candidate for this position to MarKay Merrick at If you have any questions please email or call MarKay at 503.661.4444 ext.252.

Creative Director 40 hours per week

Primary Purpose of Position: The Creative Director’s job is to discern, create and produce the best medium for communicating/illustrating the mission & the message in the most effective way. This could be through the use of video, theatre, music, dance, etc. Video production and editing will be the leading tool for this job.

  • To provide vision and direction over the creative elements and planning team for weekend worship services.
  • To plan and execute video projects for the adult worship services.
  • To train, equip and release volunteers in the execution of the above.
  • To oversee the planning and execution of special music, dance, Christmas and Easter projects and Christmas decorating of the Auditorium/Foyer areas.

Key Responsibilities and Key Projects:

  • Service Designer: Leads creative meetings that involve planning for the Sunday worship services. Job responsibilities include: (a.) Making final decisions with Speaking Pastor and Worship Pastor concerning the direction of the weekend service design (b.) Management of volunteers and/or staff regarding the execution of creative elements within a service (c.) Providing vision & direction for the creative development of the Sunday services, based on the vision, mission and values of EHCF.
  • Video & Theatre Director: Leads in determining conceptual outcomes for complex video productions that achieve strategic goals for the adult worship services. Job responsibilities may include: (a.) creating original concepts and/or researching and adapting film scripts and music for live or video production (b.) creating rehearsal schedules for all projects (c.) Direct volunteers and/or staff in appropriate creative roles which could include acting, singing, dance, and support roles. (d.) Leading rehearsals for actors in various scenes, Sunday Update; Christmas and Easter productions (e.) designs lighting for video, theatre, dance and various special music projects.
  • Volunteer Training & Appreciation: Trains, equips and releases volunteers through the different creative outlets EHCF uses to enhance the message. Job responsibilities may include: (a.) Training and releasing volunteers and leader in creative art areas including theatre, video, lighting, dance, special music, Sunday Updates, etc. (b) Maintain Creative Arts Facebook page. (c.) Hosting volunteer party for appreciation following Easter and Christmas projects.
  • Creative Project Management: Oversees the planning and execution of dance, special music, film; Testimonies and Easter and Christmas projects & Christmas decorating of the Auditorium and Foyer areas. This may include lighting design for specials and video editing for filmed projects.
  • Meeting Requirements: Meeting requirements include: (a.) Worship Arts Department Meeting (b.) Creative Meetings (c.) Service Planning Meeting (d.) EH Theatre Leaders (g.) Sunday Update Writing.
  • Budget Management: Responsible for financial management of the Creative Arts Budget.

Necessary for Position:

  • The ideal candidate will be a mature follower of Jesus Christ and believes & operates in the works of the Holy Spirit, be an active member of EHCF and adhere to the Foursquare Doctrine of Faith. Selected candidate is required to take “Getting Started with East Hill Church Family” at next available session.
  • This successful candidate must be able to prove they have the capacity to shepherd and develop people in their gifts and in their relationship with Christ.
  • It is necessary the candidate has a strong understanding of video production and some experience in theatre, dance and multimedia arts. Video and editing experience is preferred. A basic knowledge of scriptwriting, stage direction and production design is also preferred
  • The candidate must be able to manage people with grace and truth. They must have the ability to coordinate large numbers of volunteers at a time and must be able to create an atmosphere of professionalism and quality. They must exhibit high volumes of time management skills and organization. They must have proven ability to give direct and clear critique to staff and volunteer artists.
  • No less than 3 (three) years of proven experience in the job responsibilities as described.
  • Bachelor’s degree OR Associates Degree in any of the following areas: Theatre; Film; Video production recommended

To apply for this job, email your resume and cover letter explaining why you would be an excellent candidate for this position to MarKay Merrick at If you have any questions or would like a full job description please email or call MarKay at 503.661.4444 ext.252.