So who is East Hill, anyway?

East Hill is a community of followers of Jesus Christ -- a church family -- that has been Christ's hands extended to a hurting a world for more than 50 years in the East Multnomah County area.

You can read more about our history here.

As a church family, everything we do is guided by 5 core values:

1. Relationships are first

We prioritize our relationships with God and others. Building, fortifying and restoring relationships is of utmost importance to us. These relationships supersede any tasks, things or agendas we may have.

2. Grace-filled truth telling
Grace without truth breeds moral indifference and keeps people from growing and healing; truth without grace breeds cold, self-righteous legalism. We exist to be as Christ, who was full of grace and truth. We speak the truth in love, with our only motives being growth, discipleship and relationship.

3. A growing spirit of excellence
We are committed to giving our best for the Lord; not out of performance, but out of worship. We continually desire improvement and resist complacency in our personal spiritual journeys as well as our corporate efforts.

4. Releasing emerging leaders
It doesn't matter how old or young you are; God has a specific plan for your life. He has uniquely equipped each of us for a ministry within the church and a mission outside the church. We believe in calling each other up to those assignments, spurring each other on to rise to the occasion.

5. Doing church as a team
A church isn't an institution; it's a community. We each have a part to play in advancing the Kingdom of Heaven. The reason we get together at East Hill is to worship God, and then go out into the world together to change it for Him. Paid staff can't and shouldn't be the only people who do ministry.

We exist to present the healing Gospel of Jesus Christ in such a way that it transforms the skeptic and non-believer into a Passionate Hearted Disciple -- which is someone who is saved (who has declared Jesus lord of their life, asked forgiveness for sins and has a relationship with Him through His Word), filled with the Holy Spirit and growing in His power, connected into Life Groups and accountable relationships, giving tithes/offerings/time/talents, and sharing what they know with others.

To read about what we believe as a church family, click here.

If you have more questions about the mission, vision and values of East Hill Church, check out our Getting Started with the East Hill Church Family class or call us at 503.661.4444.