Thank you for giving!

You can now give online tithes and/or offerings to East Hill using a secure form. If you're not sure about the distinction between tithes and offerings, read the descriptions below. We thank you for your joyful giving, and pray that God blesses you for your obedience and generosity.

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The money you give as tithe is put in our general fund and is used to pay personnel costs, ministry expenses, mortgages and leases, facility operations and maintenance, and tithe (to the International Church of the Foursquare Gospel).Tithe literally means 10 percent, because we believe that when we give 10 percent off the top to God as an act of faith and obedience, we open the doors of Heaven's provision.

Any giving you do beyond the tithe is called an offering. The other options in the drop-down box below are for our global and local efforts through Advent Conspiracy, the assistance of East Hill members in need through our Benevolence Fund, the creation of intentional environments for our kids through the Shared Family Experience, and our global Missions. You also can give to our specific missionaries serving around the world. Thank you for your generous giving.

You may also give through texting!